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简介感恩母亲的英语作文70到80_感恩母亲的英语作文70到80词       对于感恩母亲的英语作文70到80的话题,我可以从不同的角度进行分析和讨论,并提供相关的资讯和建议




2.感恩母亲的英语作文 感恩母亲的英语作文及中文翻译






       Dear mother:

       I'm your child . Today is Mother's day.I have a lot of saying to you.

       Thank you your love!Let me know how to be a good student.Thank you your love!Let me know how to make friend. Thank you your love!Let me so happy!

       I want to say you I love you !









       Mother's Day Introduction

       As a thank his mother for Mother's Day holiday, first appeared in ancient Greece, time is the annual January 8, while in the United States, Canada and some other countries, it is every year the second Sunday in May, a number of other countries dates were the same (see below "the world celebrate Mother's Day time is different"). On this day mothers often receive gifts.

        Overseas, the carnation flower is regarded as dedicated to his mother.

        In China, mother lily flower flower, also known as Wang Youcao.

        Liliaceae Hemerocallis Hemerocallis is a perennial herb, fleshy rhizome, leaves long, slender top out orange or orange flowers, very beautiful, it is not only for people watching, called the lily buds, but also as a vegetable for human consumption , in the widely cultivated in South and North.(母亲节介绍




        萱草 萱草是百合科多年生草本植物,根茎肉质,叶狭长,细长的枝顶端开出桔红或桔**的花,十分艳丽,它不仅供人观赏,花蕾叫金针,也可作蔬菜供人食用,在我国南北方广为栽植。)

感恩母亲的英语作文 感恩母亲的英语作文及中文翻译



       2012-05-11 11:37 作者: 来源:北外网院 字号:T|T

       摘要:谎言虽可恶,但是母亲们善意的谎言(white lie)却让我们觉得无比幸福,暖意融融,时时流露出一股柔情,值得我们一辈子去享受、去珍藏。


       谎言虽可恶,但是母亲们善意的谎言(white lie)却让我们觉得无比幸福,暖意融融,时时流露出一股柔情,值得我们一辈子去享受、去珍藏。

       Our mothers are big liars. There, I said it。


       When we were little kids, they told lies like “If you swallow a watermelon seed, it will grow inside your stomach”。


       And they keep lying even now that we are grown up. But how can you blame a woman who sometimes lies to you because she loves you?


       As Mother’s Day is upon us, let’s take a look at some of moms’ love-wrapped lies。


       Nothing’s wrong; I’m fine。


       It’s the biggest lie. Every time you asked your mom how she was, she would put up a smile and use this line, even when it was after a big fight with your dad or she was caught weeping in her bedroom. She never told you that she was heartbroken。


       You are special。


       Moms say it a lot. And for this reason, we grew up believing that we were truly outstanding and extraordinary–more talented and accomplished than our peers. Sadly, there would always come the day when we figured out that we were actually not。


       This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you。



       2012-05-11 11:37 作者: 来源:北外网院 字号:T|T

       摘要:谎言虽可恶,但是母亲们善意的谎言(white lie)却让我们觉得无比幸福,暖意融融,时时流露出一股柔情,值得我们一辈子去享受、去珍藏。


       How stupid of a statement is that, really, when you think about it? Sure, seeing you cry over a vaccination shot, being punished or getting dumped can be emotionally gut-wrenching for your mom, but will it hurt her more than it hurts you? Anyway, it’s sweet, isn’t it?


       Slow down. You’ve got your whole life to be a grown up。


       How true is this one? A recent UK survey shows that 88 percent of people quizzed think that their children are growing up too fast。


       Your mom is just one of those parents who are really scared that their little boys or girls will someday outgrow them。


       Those accessories do make my outfit look better。


       When you insisted that her dress would be much improved if she wore the pair of big dangling earrings you gave her as a birthday gift, she never disagreed。


       But if you were watching her closely, you’d have seen her slipping a couple of things from her jewelry box into her purse before she went out。


       关键字:感恩母亲节 母亲节英语祝福 母亲节祝福语



       2012-05-11 11:37 作者: 来源:北外网院 字号:T|T

       摘要:谎言虽可恶,但是母亲们善意的谎言(white lie)却让我们觉得无比幸福,暖意融融,时时流露出一股柔情,值得我们一辈子去享受、去珍藏。

       Sweet words for moms


       Sweet words to text your mom or to add to a Mother’s Day card:


       I want you to know you’re a wonderful mother and I’ve always known how lucky I’ve been throughout my life to have had you as my mom。


       You were always there for me when I needed someone to be there, and I want you to know I will always be there for you。


       I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. You’re always there to give excellent advice, make great food, or just listen。


       I would not have been able to make this wonderful journey through life without you. You paved the road of my life with your support and love。


       Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life ... and today it is you。


       While it’s too late for a lot of things, it’s not too late for me to tell you that even though I may not always be good at showing it, I love you very much。




       1、My mother is very kind. She takes care of me day and night.She spends little money, but buys anything for me that I need.This time I must show my love. I am going to give her a card and write like this, I love you, mother! I am going to put it under her pillow.



       To thank his mother

       "Mother in the hands line, wandering clothing. Departure sew, For fear. Who is the inch of grass, reported in the apartments." This poem not only illustrates the kindness of mothers and children, but also praised his mother great.

       As a child, my mother is my master: meal feeding mother, the dress is my mother taught me how to wear the name is my mother taught me to write ... ... mother is everything, is great.

       I grow up day by day, but do not know why, the mother warm smile is no longer common, often severe instead on faces. Only a day with my desk, lamp and numerous exercises. "Do not love me, mother?" I smoke this idea time and again, and again to the denial of times. Think of a child, my mother taught me to write, Beishi, my winter clothes, clean your room in the summer for me ... ... I was eight years old the day, at two, outside, pouring rain, thunder and lightning. I suddenly launched a high fever, and my father was not at home, the mother looked at me, and looked out the window, carefully put on my raincoat, I decided on her own went to the hospital. I lay back in the mother, the mother clearly heard the sound of rapid breathing. My heart almost broke, I said: "Mom, I go down their own!" Mother resolutely replied: "That's how them? You a high fever, how to walk in the rain? Raincoat Phi Yen, do not Lin Zhao. "I can not help but moist eyes. Rain slippery, the mother of a crooked and almost fell down, stand, she anxiously asked me: "OK?" I said: "Nothing!" Mother long sigh, relieved to say: "That's good, that Just. "In this way, mother foot deep, shallow kick to put me back to the hospital.

       Because my body is weak, so my mother always find ways to burn I like to eat the food, give me more nutrition. Color, flavor and taste of the braised lion head, crisp and tender and sweet and sour pork ribs, spicy tempting Spicy Chicken; mother would do Cephalostachyum delicious rice pudding, porridge ... ... a lot of students eat the food her mother burned, they are the envy of I have a very good mother would cook, which makes me very proud. Mother was very hard: just after she did not break, they begin to cook; after dinner, and busy busy outside the house. I go home my mother, my mother always asked me: "Your homework done yet?" Only I did my homework, my mother did not let me help her with the housework.

       Mother has a small "disadvantage" is love "nagging." For example: This year's Grading application, I apply the zither amateur six. Because high level, so two hours every day practicing Zheng. One day, I did not play the piano should be fun. After her mother know, very angry, began "nagging" the: "Why do not you playing? This test is six, is no longer a secondary, and that take more time to play the piano. Playing the piano and then go out and play not better? ... ... "After listening to my mother, I will not preparing for it. After some effort, I finally made the certificate Zheng six, my mother smile indescribably brilliant.

       Mother "nagging" things are infinite in number, and sometimes caused my fun, and sometimes caused my handwriting is not correct, sometimes not as good as my exams due to ... ... but I am grateful to my mother's heart from the inside "nagging", because of this, "chatter," I have today.

       Meticulous care of my mother, like the spring sunshine to the kindness of the grass, I can not never repay it high above the mountains, deeper than the sea of Mother Love!










        Person's lips can emit the most sweet words, is "mother", the most beautiful and good voice, is the "mother".

        Person's life, from the strange pain to ineffable jing. This process, a support me through any difficulties, she is my mother.

        She is not beautiful, but *** ile can make my heart head lecture dissipation; She is not learned, even before he graduated from university. But her selfless love to me, let I touched, but also let me guilty.

        A school in the morning, the mother, as usual, got up early to cook, I've told her many times I can go outside to eat, but he is worried about the outside food is not health, determined to do breakfast for me. That got up late, I hastily wash out, went towards the door, my mother just came out from the room, did not move chopsticks on the table, then told me to fill in something into the belly, otherwise will be hungry, but I didn't listen to mother's words, but feel she vexed, slammed the door hurriedly ran downstairs. In the mind always feel unfortable, mother is also good for me, running head out just now. "And so on of xx, an umbrella, it is a bit dark, afraid that it will rain, take it." Looking at the panting mother, in the heart of guilt to upgrade, tears seemed to jump out, "see, I'm going." Along the way, I'm thinking, mother have been busy for the child, the rest of my life in the end is supported by o white himself. Mother is great.

        Back to school and heard other clas *** ates in the loving mother Yin ", very feeling in the heart, don't say anything.


        Now I have grown up, know how to filial piety mother, recall the past, there are still many places I'm sorry. But, because of the past, only now understand. Have a love my mother, just have now sheets of testimonials on the wall.

        I'll always remember that I now all the glory and pride are from mother.








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        Today is Mother's Day. I know some of my classmates are going to help their mothers with the housework, others are going to buy some flowers for their mothers. I want to say to her that I love her very much. But as a boy, it is a bit difficult for me to show my heart. I think only girls can do that.


        My mother is very kind. She takes care of me day and night.

        She spends little money, but buys anything for me that I need.

        This time I must show my love. I am going to give her a card and write like this, I love you, mother! I am going to put it under her pillow.



        It was Mother?s Day. Joozone thought he should do something for his mother. He decided to help his mother do some housework. After school he went to a shop to

        buy some food on his way home.

        When he got home, he did his best to cook some nice food,though he couldn?t do the cooking well. Thenhe cleaned the room. He felt very tired, but he was very happy.

        When his father and his mother came back and saw the clean rooms and dishes which weren?t so nice, they were very happy.They had their supper together. His mother

        said, Thank you,my child!




        A mother's love is selfless, it is great. A mother's love is not to use in a few words can express it.

        And the children of the same age, I to have a proud to be the best mother in the world. Mother's hands warm hand, like enchanting spring, mother's hand is in March in the spring breeze, touched us. Mother is not very beautiful appearance, no fancy clothes, but she is always in my heart the most beautiful, most great.

        Mother is selfless, as meng jiao, who made the heart-inch grass, at a three chunhui. Mother is never say no to our thoughts. That a few days, because learning tension, coupled with the pressure in the heart, I didn't call home for a few days, mother was calling for his sister to her and I talk, then there is shining you kind words. Perhaps really is my fault, let you to hold back the caring heart.

        Mother! In increasing wrinkles on your face, and a little wrinkle, is your fee for me a little effort, you for our love did not change, changed the face is you, the deeper the love, love changes and more. Mother traces everywhere, and the world more beautiful for a mother's love. A mother's love, you this warm spring breeze, blow across the earth, wake up the all things.

        Goodbye, mother you flash in orbital tears tears, hasn't been out, are you suggesting that I: children you to be strong, you have grown up. Flash in the eye socket tears express you don't give up, too many oath does not represent what, but you must rest assured, I won't let you down.

        Day after day, year after year, ten years like one day, spring, summer, autumn and winter transformation, the same is a mother's love, is the mother of appearance, I love my mother, is a kind of different from other emotional love.







        Today is the annual mother's day, I want to pick some flowers for my mother.

        Me about my classmate Liu Jiaying to flowers, we came to my nearest a lawn, where full of colorful flowers, recoverable which good? I think my mother very hard at ordinary times, in the morning to cook a meal, also have to wash dishes, sweep the floor, do a lot of housework, I have to pick some more. I took up Liu Jiaying said: let's pick a few more. Soon I picked a handful, after go home, I think so disorderly spend mother don't like it, I will give it up, spend big in the middle of the flower basket, flower on the side, this flower basket is much more beautiful. I want to give mom a surprise, you hide it in the big wardrobe, because mother come back the first thing is to change clothes every day. Indeed as expected mother first to change clothes, she opened the closet cried out in surprise: what beautiful flowers! I went over and said: this is I give you pick the flowers. Mother said: you understand! I listened to the in the mind can be happy.

        I must do a sensible child, let mother happy forever.