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简介成长的烦恼英语作文题目_成长的烦恼英语作文题目怎么写       大家好,很高兴有机会和大家一起探讨成长的烦恼英语作文题目的问题。我将用专业的态度回答每个问题,同时分享





3.急急!!英语作文:My Growing Pain

4.my growing pain 英语作文80字



       When we are little, we are eager to grow up, so that we can break free of parental discipline even leave them far. Since we were a little child, we have to be governed by teachers in school and endure parent’s ramble at home. These are our growing pains. Besides, study, friendship, sometimes campus romance may trouble us. However, as we grow up, we gradually find that things mentioned above are not pains at all. There are much more serious things brother us. For example, we may be less sensitive to the simple happiness and loss them gradually. It’s hard for us to laugh from our heart. Moreover, we are in the age that we are eager to grow up but afraid to grow up either. The ambivalence afflicts us a lot. However, no matter what happens in our growth, they are parts of our lives. We must accept them actively and do not let the pains prevent us from happiness.




        ?Growing Pains? seems full of knowledge and experience. So it does because all of us have growing pains and also growing gains in our lives.

        Growing up is not a very enjoyable time. It means I have to work hard in studying and in family. There's always so much homework given by teachers and so many arguments between the parents and me. The time is fair, but it seems it gives pains three quarters and only one quarter to gains.

        But gains give me power and confidence. Successes and friendship make me happy and enjoyable. We played with snow in the winter that seldom snows, we flew kites in the night that usually belongs to homework, we ate several ice creams that almost made us cold. We picked up leaven that no longer high up!

        Although pains are always more than gains, I believe both of them make my life more colorful

        ?成长的烦恼?,似乎充满了知识和 经验 。它确实是这样,因为我们所有的人都有成长的烦恼,在我们的生活中也越来越大收益。





        Dim lamp, I looked at the cup of tea, boiling water, the impact of time and time again, let me feel the fragrance of tea. That bitter taste in his mouth, a point slightly sweet, but also by my greedy mouth to the occupation, and eyes dim, hazy outlines of the memory, can no longer be hazy memory already.

        Work as much as ?cook a meal,? a playful little, the teacher's serious ?inhibition? the laughter of the Miao, the pressure of the heavy, ?created? in the dreams of us - growing pains. Open the heavy book of memories, that little thoughts, perhaps tired of back and some memories back.

        ?At first? arrive, I am a fragile being ?enemy? aimed at the ?vulnerability? opened a fierce shot, that vulnerable, I, in the ?blood? at the expense of ground could be a ?sleeping inside burning the midnight oil to see volume, Dreaming rang Beishi ?and I once again stood up. Those days are dark, puzzled me, and learn and sometimes I have to find a seat has not yet withered and yellow grass, and sometimes a desk, windowsill side to see the rows of trees standing in the distance is hard, for the only be able to issue a final touch of Brilliant Green. What are those trees? I have no way of knowing what effect this relationship? As long as they are trees, would be sufficient. When I looked at them a daze, the heart will be a myriad of thoughts, when my eyes back to the tree when the mood suddenly see the light, the pressure disappeared and instead engaged in learning among busy.




急急!!英语作文:My Growing Pain

       Stepped over is a song of youth,through poetic and rainy season,suddenly found:previous laughter and sorrow,have been quietly on the old pillow,rosy red in the eye as a child,taken away by the late goose,less playful and innocent in the eyes of the glory.Do not know since when have poetry,romantic themes have bee daily necessities,future career,for earlier chanting "sunset is infinitely good,yet it is almost dusk",it now appears that only strong said worries about new words and ink.However,the growing costs has brought me a lot of worry about real ......

        As time passes,in today's society,parents,schools under the guidance of the Trinity,in every students heart lays a solid foundation for faith.If you want to realize your dream,you need to first 4 word---"get ahead",so it creates an intense petitive atmosphere.Although there is no general always wins in the world,but reminded myself that over and over again "Waterloo",the sense of loss will gradually hit the heart,especially in high school,in the face of this fierce entrance examination to score future reality,once lost it will bring a new set of worries.Frivolous young me after several failed elections closed with meditation,why is evaluation by the teacher always well-rounded students would miss again and again who vote of trust,after a memorable day that trouble was my only friend.But reality tells me just a little more humility and less arrogant,a little more caring friends warm hands will e to you in the end,the growing pains it taught me the art.Many times feel like I lost something in your life,growing costs of this,he could retain a childlike air,even when the salty tears in her eyes,is now being dissolved into bitter troubles,some call it growing experience.No matter if his heart could have ripple of fibrillation,previous "youth" of heroi *** ,have been gathering dust for a long time,even if we are not reckless,not impulse,look at things with an indifferent cool eyes,but it gives me many troubles growing up.In experience or in trouble,we will be more than a kind of temperament,demeanor,it's growing pains.Indeed,the growing costs brought many of our troubles like ourselves to maturity pay a heavy tax,but I like the lyrics:"the recent trouble ......I'm sick,but not chaos,I will quietly grow up."

my growing pain 英语作文80字




        可是真正等到自己长大了,却出现了许许多多的烦恼。长大了,作业渐渐像小山似的多起来。放学后,我不敢去玩,去看自己喜爱的书,我怕自己的作业完成不了,我只能拼命让自己的笔在本子上蠕动着,等到华灯初上,我又骑着自行车狂奔在回家的路。课程也逐渐地繁重起来。每当晚上回家复习时,我望着一大堆的书 ,真不知该去复习哪一科,是语文?还是数学?还是地理?还是……










       Little boy, little worry, worry-free ... ... Le Taotao "Every time the third grade to hear the children sing the song, was always sour ... ...

       Xiao Shihou, I would like to grow up, grow up because you can do many things they want to, do not have to talk on and on the carrying mother, the father of the blame.

       But when his real grown up, but there have been many troubles. Grown up, operating gradually as more and more like the hill. After school, I can not play, to see their favorite book, I would be afraid of their own work can be completed and the hard so I can only pen in his book on peristalsis, Huadengchushang wait, I rode a bike in the running to go home Way. Courses are also heavy up gradually. Every home in the evening review, I looked at a lot of books, I really do not know where to go Review Section, is the language? Or mathematics? Or geography? ... Or ...

       I think there will be time to play ah! To play badminton, watch TV later on, I am afraid I have become the largest enjoyed it. Whenever I see a large group of kids who look like the bounce, I think they mix and ah! Can be played playing, I think of his poor schoolwork, the results do not have the heart to play. I would like to return to childhood, then throw away the endless troubles, and then back again when a carefree child


       Dim lamp, I looked at the cup of tea, boiling water again and again the impact, I feel the fragrance of tea. That bitter taste in his mouth a little bit of sweet, I was greedy to the occupation of the mouth, eyes dim and hazy outline of memory, no longer has hazy memory.

       Operating as many as the "hard" to play a little, the teacher's serious, "inhibition," the laughter of vague, heavy pressure, "created" in the dream of us - Growing Pains. Open the thick book of memories, thoughts that little bit of, perhaps some of the tireless Review of the past.

       "Early" arrived at that time, I have a fragile, "the enemy" aimed at the "weaknesses" Meng opened a gun, that I would not withstand a single blow of the "blood" at the expense of the field, a "sleep, burning the midnight oil to see Volume, Bei Shi Meng Hui rang "I stood up again and again. During that time, is the dark I am puzzled, to learn, and sometimes I have yet to find a seat of the brown grass, is sometimes desk, side of the window to see in the distance standing in the rows of trees are fighting for the Only be able to issue a final trace of the Green-yan. What are those trees? I have no way of knowing that this could be what is the relationship? As long as they are trees enough. When I looked at them in a daze, the heart will be thousands of thoughts, when my eyes return to the tree, suddenly feeling the pressure gone, turn themselves into the busiest of the study.

       It seems that tea has been filled with the fragrance of the "World", my heart also boiling up.

       My struggle to overcome the troubles to overcome everything, so it seems to be the last trace of the Green-yan, also released in the summer of the same luster. "I do not know Junior 'trouble' taste," in which "a heavy water Complex Hill," the corner, if anyone down to relax and wait for you is the "swamp thousands of miles, miles Cong spine." On the other hand, if it is perseverance and hard work, your wait is "a new vista, green mountains and blue waters." Could you really let the smoke plume into trouble, winding your soul, your bored, let it upset you?

       If growth is a book, then the trouble is hidden in the depths of paragraphs misprint; if growth is a piece of blank paper, the worry is attached to the back of a flaw. These small things appear to be familiar, seems to always bother us, in the nature of the growth in the past, it may ask the breeze as the study area, the storm has been like learning the offensive pressure and disperse in the depths of memory.

       His hands have been feeling less than the temperature of tea, filled the house in the fog-ching also quietly disappeared. More carefully to taste that "there is suffering in music," the water to taste Growing Pains, "the trouble with trouble," time "walked" experiences "with more and more" once again to taste it Tea, "bitter" seems to have with the temperature, measure souls with the use of time gone by ... ....嫌多的话自己摘抄






       Ta Guo Song of the season, poetically through the rainy season, has suddenly found time shaking away the Spring and Autumn, 17, of laughter and sadness in the past, have been quietly on the old pillow. Today, Qin Qi's painting was, has become a romantic Chaimiyouyan used to like. Operating range of control when the play; teacher's serious, "inhibition" of laughter vague; heavy pressure, "created" hand in hand in the growth of our troubles. Open the thick book of memories, thoughts that little bit of, perhaps some of the tireless Review of the past.

       Mid-term exam, I digress composition and uneasy. The blink of an eye, all my pride and self-confidence are the sink into the Pacific Ocean.坐在餐桌旁, looked at her mother's face covered with dark clouds, waves Dachan my heart, I know that this is a prelude to the storm. "Silence is not in the outbreak, in the silence of extinction." Earnestly "political class" started: "You let me too ... ..."

       "Dong Dongdong ... ..." God, my savior - father back. Dad has always been in the forefront of the ideological education for the general mother did not like so I have a nameless fear. Xipixiaolian father: "how kind, a round of the midterm of your dreams did I?" "Is proud to be so, you ask your baby son!" Her mother said with a look of disappointment. "It does not matter, the examination is not life, is the failure of frustration at them." "Well, always the case, you would not normally grounds, it is now ... ..." I do not know when, my mother learned to make oblique accusations. Tears in my eyes around, I do not blame live up to our expectations, the implication of the father. Dad can not seem to understand the connotations of cynicism, to continue his "cattle": "Do not listen to your mother, What kind of examination that he had a pretty good idea on the line, you always fight is the first to bring pressure on the mother you do not believe that the next Time you give her a 'mutation' look. "Moan and groan a mother. But I know that the mother also will be 1:30 the face of grievances, the time passed away on a calm, and I buried it into the House.

       Naturally, Growing Pains is not alone "offensive" to a group that is. Is a bright sunny morning of Xi Wei, I am still immersed in my dream, the dream does not end there, however, the "Executive" will be hand in hand to roar from high-octave: "fast, calligraphy to be too late." Not only to get up Hello. Since a few years ago, practicing calligraphy, have a nameless sense of restraint, he said outside a friend, and I was Longzhongzhiniao. I know my parents think, more than a "craft", grew up on more than a hope, but the overall feel bad. No way, to clean up the "guy" rushed "front line", a two-hour practice to start on this. Suffering has just finished calligraphy, the afternoon is the English world. Lunch rush hurriedly finished, the arrival of English at all times and quietly.

       Although the girls fell onto the ground from the wah-wah to the present juvenile hopes, I have been immersed in the joy of the ocean, but the growth of the growing troubles are not from pressure from increasingly heavy, occasionally let's have a sense of relief of Yue. If growth is a book, then the trouble is hidden in the depths of paragraphs misprint; if growth is a piece of blank paper, the worry is attached to the back of a flaw; growth is a trade-off, and the trouble is in the care of the check.

       my growing pain

        We high school students do have some growing pains, but we can get rid of them correctly and wisely. Firstly, some students explain that their body styles and looks are beautiful .In fact, it's unnecessary to take much attention on this. It's the thing that we can't detemine. Secondly , some students are worried because they are disunderstood by others .Facing this , we can have a heart-to-heart talk with them.If you are friendly and open-minded enough, I believe it's easy to make more friends.Thirdly, we may fall behind others ,which makes us stressed. Actually we can make our study efficiently, full of determination.Many students feel that their pocket money is too little to satisfy their needs.I think it's not too important to get much pocket money when we don't actually need it.Besides, we should learn to spend money!

        That's all.Thank you.